Where am I going?

My journey is long;
And the pain is raw,
Scattered with twigs and sharp stones;
Is there a way for me not to be sore;
Will I get to reach my destination?
Or will the darkness consume me and take away my inspiration,
I’m not the first to walk on this journey;
But those who accomplished it never left signs along the way;
I give up every few steps but the darkness is too much for me to turn the other way;
No one knows where this journey will end;
Yet we have visions of paradise stamped within our heads,
I long for the day I say finally I’m here,
Even though I fear, here might only be a stop over.
Do we get to rest and be content with life;
Or do we keep chasing shadows that hide in plain sight.
Will I get to see the light?
Or will the light be a dot that gets smaller the closer I get to its shine?
A little faith makes everything seem alright
Faith gives the power of strength
And the hope to say there will be better days
So I tell myself…
Hope is the thing with feathers
That preaches in your soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
Giving up is a waste of time
More so than writing poems and rhymes
Why start something if not to finish
I tell myself if I want to I can do it
By TRB & Hibaq Ali
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