Put one foot forward or move it backwards! What do you see? I see movement either way. Now the direction of that movement is an individual choice, so it’s up to all of us to make the right choices and propel the kind of movement that will elevate us as a people. Sometimes we find ourselves on the confusing side of life where the desire to do the right thing is on a head-on collision course with the prospect of carrying out a justified yet controversial act. The professional world is saturated with policies and procedures that are put in place for us workers to carry out our duties correctly and legally. These help us to remember certain aspects of the job that we might otherwise have overlooked had it not been for them and in doing so we are assured that we carry out our duties correctly and legally. But as we do our jobs and follow rules and stay on the right side of the law, does the common courtesy of showing compassion to the people affected by our work disappear just because we are legally required and justified to do what we are doing? When does the clear line become blurry between doing our jobs correctly and disadvantaging those that are not afforded a chance to voice their concerns? Is there any training that can teach people to be compassionate yet productive even when the two happen to be at odds with each other? Do we take time to reflect on how we do our jobs and how they affect other people? There are too many policies that can be great for business yet affect the wellbeing of others not involved in the business in question and the disadvantaged parties are ignored as they don’t have the financial muscle to speak loud enough to be acknowledged. I often wonder what ways if any can change be effected to alleviate these situations amicably?

The only way for changes to be made is through reflection and self-awareness of the impact that we have on other people and different societies. If we maintain the attitude that I did my job legally so I don’t care, then we never get the chance to look outside the box and find solutions that might benefit all parties. It’s hard to please everyone but good ideas and great inventions came out of our aspirations for greatness or through necessity and if we don’t aspire to be great humans or find it necessary to look at other options, then we will remain as either the oppressors who oppress the disadvantaged without breaking the law or the oppressed who are not happy at the situation but cannot project their situation clearly enough for it to warrant change. Policies can only evolve if we the people who abide by them remember to open our eyes and scan the situation and advice the policy makers of the impact they have on the society or the environment. Just because something is legal does not mean it is nice. So, it is our duty as a people to analyse every situation and challenge ourselves to turn that situation for the better. Sometimes you won’t change the world but you could spark or ignite a process that could change the world.


Remember all it takes is one step.


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