Libya/ Africa

The realities of life is we worry too much about what other people say or do especially the ones that will feel are more privileged than us. We look at them with envy and we are so consumed with their opinion that we don’t realise we hold ourselves back by fighting for their recognition  instead of fighting to recognize our own self worth. When something terrible happens to the western world. They shout about it and ensure the whole world mourns with them and for sure they do. Their country flags will be posted all over social media and everyone cries with them. When a terrible thing happens in Africa or in Asia or to a minority community within the Western world, nothing is mentioned in the news and the social media carries on as normal. Is it white people’s fault that this happens? Is it because they don’t care about us that we are not worthy of getting a mention in the news or media? We can ask these questions and be angry and be resentful as we like but I personally don’t blame them. In Africa  black people are the majority  and in Asia the Asians are also the majority. It is never anyone’s duty to make us feel worthy of anything but ourselves. We can’t expect to be loved by someone else till we start loving and valuing ourselves. We need to speak up for ourselves and spread the good and the bad news amongst our own and empower each other without crying foul because someone did the same for their own race. We don’t have to wait to be recognised. We have to speak up and demand that recognition within ourselves. I believe that’s the only way we can make changes in our societies. Let’s not wait for someone to teach our kids or tell our story but instead let us tell them with our accents, our dialects, our languages and from our own lips.
Many things are happening within our own Lands. In Libya there is a slave trade happening as we speak. I have seen people complain about why it’s not being talked about on platforms ran by white people or news networks in the West. Don’t get me wrong I wish they reported the news and spread the word too but my biggest wish is we ourselves spread the news, make each other aware, discuss solutions and the way forward to fight this evil. Please let’s not worry about what other people are doing or about what they did for their own. Let’s work hard for our own, let’s validate ourselves, respect our selves and love who we are if we are to make changes within our continents. We are so quick to rush and ask for help from outside as if we weren’t born with a mind and body to work for ourselves. It’s good to gain education from different sources but let’s be proactive and use our voices and what we learn to empower and help our own people. Let’s not fall into a trap that our elderly leaders fell into of begging for our own resources because we are too lazy to learn how to utilise them ourselves. What’s happening in Libya is happening to us by our own people and we need to work on fighting this injustice and teach each other the benefits of loving your own. Please let us pray for our brothers who are going through this hell but only us can spread the word. If CNN or BBC or sky news decide to report the news then that’s wonderful but if they don’t let us not waste our time pointing blame but utilise it in spreading the word ourselves. We are our own hope so let’s work hard to make changes within Africa and Asia
By T.R.B
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